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About Crest Timber

Crest Timber has been manufacturing Kitchen and Bedroom doors for well over 40 years – from The Christian names of that trio of talented carpenters – Chris, Eddie, and Steve – created CREST.

The company continues to grow from strength to strength, and the three founding directors, now enjoying the fruits of their dedicated labour in retirement, are watching on with pride and reverence as the next generation of master artisans.

Take up the challenge of providing high-quality kitchen & bedroom doors to the public and Trade.

Crest Timber showroom and offices

Crest Timber had a long, ambitious journey, one which took an exciting twist in January 2008, when our customer base increased to the extent that we made the Switch from Siston Common base to our Whitehall trading estate premises At Gerrish Avenue in Bristol, we continue to operate successfully from today.

While the three founder members have taken a back seat, the business is now managed by Eddie’s son, Dave and a long-term employee, Gary.

Their enthusiasm and dedication to the cause have ensured production continues to rise steadily, with more than 40,000 doors produced yearly.

The next chapter starts with the introduction of Simon, one of our trade customers who has sold our Quality products for over ten years and who will be developing our Trade and retail offering in 2024 – Simon will be more than happy to assist you with your Crest enquiry for a quality Kitchen or Bedroom doors – we can offer units as well.

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